Escuela de Violería | Patronage
Escuela de violeros de Zaragoza. Es un proyecto de innovación pedagógica dirigido a la formación de calidad de violeros y guitarreros, siguiendo los procedimientos artesanales antiguos.
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The Escuela de Violeros de Zaragoza is a project selected by the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation among all projects submitted in 2015. Thanks to its patronage, La Escuela has a wonderful teaching staff and the necessary means to achieve excellence.


The Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza supports this project and allows it to be located in a dense cultural area, where violeros’ workshops from Zaragoza abounded in past centuries.


The Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza has accepted with receptivity the proposal to support acquisition for the school.

The Escuela de Violeros de Zaragoza, will enthusiastically accept any public or private contribution, which will be publicly acknowledged. These contributions will allow in the near future to grant the students with scholarships or to increase the quality of the education provided at La Escuela.