Escuela de Violería | MusLyraMus
Escuela de violeros de Zaragoza. Es un proyecto de innovación pedagógica dirigido a la formación de calidad de violeros y guitarreros, siguiendo los procedimientos artesanales antiguos.
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Muslyramus develops a wide range of activities which complement the training activities provided by the Escuela de Violeros de Zaragoza. These activities consist of planning and development of research projects, activities carried out in important museums as well as other rural and urban settings.

Funding provided in order to create a travelling exhibition and a workshop for the restoration of musical instruments is also highlighted.

A mediating management between heritage and society will be developed, producing cultural richness at the disposal of society and, in particular, of those industries who find it hard to access this cultural richness.

The name of the organization, MusLyraMus comes from the Spanish words for “museums” (Mus), “music” (Mus) and the Latin word for “lyre” (Lyra) which is a string instrument. This name evokes the desire to combine activities of these three fields.